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Quenlin is a collective of psychics who have embraced the gentle discipline of channeling the Feminine Divine. We believe that all humans are entwined with an everlasting bond that surpasses time and space. We offer our services in order to facilitate the healthy evolution of the soul.

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2 Email Me! Tracy Partridge-Johnson

Tracy Partridge-Johnson

Site Administrator and 2nd Generation Empath, Intuitive & Psychic Medium. Tracy has helped thousands of clients worldwide and specializes in relationship issues and Soul Mate…

47 Email Me! Psychic Attestant

Psychic Attestant

By the use of my empathic abilities, I offer empathic heart to heart readings to people who are in need to get clarity and insight…

29 Email Me! Raven Storm

Raven Storm

*$1.99 for Live Chat Private Readings!* I am accurate when it comes to time frames (better than most psychics). I offer tarot and horoscope readings…

52 Email Me! Veta Maree

Veta Maree

Spirit Medium. Intuitive Healer. Distant healings on animals as well as people. Tarot, clairvoyant, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience, trance medium. Angelic healing, house clearing. Spiritual director…

25 Email Me! Kaz Blueskywolf

Kaz Blueskywolf

Professional Psychic/Medium/Empathic. Spiritual Healer along with being a Reiki Healer... Come Chat with me and get to know me! Special Rate 1.99 for a…

45 Email Me! Misty Campbell

Misty Campbell

Very Accurate, Natural Born 10th Generation Psychic Medium. Empathic Cognizant Clairvoyant. ♥ I communicate with deceased loved ones, heal, balance energy, read your past & present. Love…

8 Email Me! Aurora Rose

Aurora Rose

Gifted Psychic Medium, and Intuitive Counselor. I specialize in Energy sensing, Relationship issues, and contacting spirits. Let me help you with anything you need.…



An accomplished PSYCHIC SPIRITUAL MEDIUM with 20 years spiritual experience. A CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPIST and PAST LIFE REGRESSIONIST. Graeme has dedicated himself through his connection with the…

36 Email Me! Life Reader

Life Reader

I gave correct time frame among all psychics. Love predictions are totally correct and I am speechless how does he know this secret. Hi I…

38 Email Me! mollie willmont

mollie willmont

My name is Mollie, I am a natural born psychic internationally renowned bringing insight and guidance into any given situation guiding you into a very…

53 Email Me! Jennifer Jacobs

Jennifer Jacobs

I am a Natural Psychic Medium & Spiritual Intuitive requiring "No Tools". I am a remote viewing, telepathic, clairempathic, clairsentient, clairaudient,clairvoyant, spiritual advisor. I…

35 Email Me! Madre Tierra

Madre Tierra

Allow me to help you walking thru this journey full of pain, tears ans thorns but, also full of love, peace and harmony.

15 Email Me! Shelley Robinson

Shelley Robinson

If you’re seeking accurate answers, you’re path brought you here for just that! I am natural born Psychic Medium. The way that I do my…

51 Email Me! Shanda Rose

Shanda Rose

Offering wisdom and insight concerning all matters of the mind, body, heart & soul. Welcome to my realm, connect with me for you own private consultation!.

11 Email Me! Joanne Brown

Joanne Brown

I have been working with spirit for many years, i am honest and will only give messages as i hear them.. I am from a long…

50 Email Me! Missy Nelson

Missy Nelson

I provide intuitive healing using my experiences, skills, knowledge & various tools including my hands, crystals, cards & runes, and certified Law of Attraction Teachings…

18 Email Me! chris riley

chris riley

As seen on TV Sky . 886. Natural Psychic. No tools. Accurate.

39 Email Me! mahi mei

mahi mei

Dream interpretation Clairevoyance Spiritual Healing Healing reiki Chakra healing Topics Mind and body Home and family Career and business Travelling and relocation Lost and found Law consultancy feeling lost about love, career or business I will help…

3 Email Me! Trent Johnson

Trent Johnson

I give straight-forward answers based on what the spirits tell me. I won’t candy coat things or tell you what I think you want to…

43 Email Me! Semona Basin

Semona Basin

Provide intuitive and ethical readings without any sugar-coating in regards to relationships, finances, court cases, family relations, missing objects and more! Plus, I've been painting…

9 Email Me! lisa mabe

lisa mabe



Again thank you on your insight on things with (name). You gave much to think about and a better insight to things outside my realm of seeing. I get the vibrations and the feelings of there being a bigger picture, but i still have much to learn before I can see. Everyday i am learning and accepting faith on what I cannot see, but know is out there...Again thank you. You help me in so many ways.


I can sum up my readings with Tracy with one word, awesome. She has been open and honest with me when reading for me and has completely changed my life. Thru Tracy's indepth readings, I have grown and used the tools, gifts that have been given to me. I can't thank her enough and look forward to our next time together. Thanks so much.


i felt i just had to say thank you so so much for the reading and positive healing/energy, you are such an angel and love you to bits, things with me and (name) are better since the reading.spoke to him today and the connection was great, he is even going to phone me tonight, cant thank you enough tracy, feel so much better in myself, so again ty ty ty ty ty ty ty lots of thank you's and speak to you soon x bless you and thanks again you are such a wonderful lady xxx ty


Tracy - thanks Wow! I can honestly say, hand on heart, i have never had such an accurate reading in all my life - and i have had hundreds! This lady is amazing, and i would recommend her to anyone. I can't get over the reading and hope to have a more indepth one really soon.


she is very good an expert in her craft